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Australian Lease Agreement Templates Australian Lease Agreement templates

We offer a range of professionally drafted Australian lease agreement templates that you can access immediately. Choose from:

Commercial Property

Commercial Property Lease - offices, warehouse and industrial premisesCommercial Property Lease - for offices, warehouses and industrial units.

Commercial Sublease Agreements - for subleasing all or part of a commercial premises.

Shared Office Licence - used when you want to rent a portion of office space to another.

Storage Space Licence - used when you want to rent a portion of space as storage space.

Retail Shop Lease Kits

Retail Shop LeaseRetail Shop Lease - for retail shops in a strip of 5 shops or less.

Retail Lease Disclosure Statements - available as stand alone or part of the retail lease agreement kit.


Residential Lease Agreement Kits

House Rental AgreementsHouse Rental Agreements - for residential homes in all Australian states and territories.

Share House Licence Agreement - for renting a room to a lodger or room mate.


Land Lease AgreementLand Lease Agreements - for the lease of agricultural Land.

Horse Agistment Agreement and Livestock Agistment Agreement.




Assignment of Lease - Used when a tenant wants to transfer their rights and obligations to another party for the remainder of the lease term.

Variation of a Lease - used when the parties agree to vary the terms of an existing lease without the need to draft a new lease.

Heads of agreement also known as an Agreement to Lease - often used to document the terms of a proposed lease before the lease document is drafted.

Car parking space licence - used when one party offers to rent a car parking space to someone else.

Investors Pack


Car Rental AgreementsCar Rental Agreements - for the rental of motor vehicles.

Truck Rental Agreement - for the rental of a truck or heavy vehicle.



Commercial Equipment lease - Generally used for arrangements where expensive equipment is leased over a longer term. Include provisions to register the lessors interest on the PPSR.

Equipment Rental Agreement -for short term equipment rental such as bikes and gym equipment, lawn mowers or property maintenance equipment, construction equipment, musical instruments, computers or office equipment – the list is endless.


Associate Lease Agreement as used as part of Salary Sacrifice arrangements.

Business Lease Agreement for leasing a business as a going concern.




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