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Share House License Agreement $24.95

Share House Licence Agreement / Lodgers Agreement

A Share House Licence Agreement or Lodgers Agreement may be used where an owner/occupier (or a head tenant) rents out a room, or shared area, in a premises to another.

Unlike a resident under a full tenancy agreement, Lodgers do not have the right to exclusive occupation or control of the premises.  This means that the owner (or the head tenant) will be free to enter the premises at any time, thereby retaining control over the whole property.

This Agreement includes the following provisions:-

  • Premises
  • Period
  • Licence Fee
  • Additional Costs
  • Security Deposit
  • The Licensee Agrees
  • The Owner Agrees
  • Assignment or Subletting and
  • General Provisions.

(This Agreement is not suitable for rooms in a Boarding House)

Share House Agreement Sample

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Share House License Agreement Sample

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