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Social Media Policy Template

Inappropriate use of social media is growing as a reason cited for dismissals and legal action.  What is considered “appropriate” use of social media by employees in (and out!) of the workplace is currently being shaped by cases considered by the Courts and Fair Work Commission.

Although the law surrounding this area is fast paced and still evolving, the Fair Work Commission has warned of the importance of Social Media Policies for this reason – and not just having a Social Media Policy - but bringing it into staff awareness and providing education about the practical application of the policy. 

Some of the issues that should be covered in a Social Media Policy are, among other things:-

  • whether an employee can use Social Media during work hours, and if so, on what terms;
  • upholding the reputation of the business – restrictions on the use of social media.  Derogatory comments (especially concerning the employer, it’s colleagues, other employees, products or services), harassment, bullying or soliciting customers of the employer should certainly be off-limits;
  • types of information such as sensitive and confidential information, which should not be disclosed in social media settings;
  • consequences of breaching the policy.

Having a clear Social Media Policy in place, which employees agree to abide by, provides an employer with extra confidence and control when disciplining an employee for a social media related matter.

Benefits of Social Media Policy template kit

Editable Policy available for Immediate Download

Our Social Media Policy covers the pertinent issues and includes warning letters and termination procedure information. It is available for immediate download and comes to you as an editable Word doc that can be used over and over again.

  • Social Media Policy Template
  • Notice of Meeting Letter Template
  • Show case Letter Template
  • Warning Letter Template
  • Termination Letter Template

Available Singly for $27.95 or as part of the Workplace Policy.

Sample Page of the Social Media Policy Template- Contents

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Social Media Policy Contents

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