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Full Time Employment Agreement Contract

Since 1st January 2010 there have been several important changes in Australia’s workplace laws that affect all employers and employees in the national workplace relations system, including the introduction of new National Employment Standards (NES), and the commencement of modern awards.

All contracts of employment, whether they are based on an award or not, must cover the ten National Employment Standards.

You do have flexibility in your approach both to the Award conditions and the National Employment Standards, and you can negotiate almost anything you like with an individual employee as long as you can demonstrate that s/he is better off over-all as a result of the bargain you strike.

Protect yourself - put it in writing

One of the most important ways you can protect yourself against any dispute or claim made by an employee about entitlements is to keep a record of your agreement.

A written contract places clear boundaries on the relationship, and ensures that each party knows:-

  • what is expected of them and
  • what they are entitled to.

It saves you from being in the uncomfortable position of arguing over who said what, which can often happen when you rely on verbal agreements.

How does it work?

Full Time Agreement
Our Full Time Employment Contract is suitable for defining the terms of employment for full time staff.

The letter in the Full Time Employment Agreement kit is a detailed document setting out the relationship between employer and employee.

It's available for immediate download and is provided to you as an word document template. All you need to do is insert the information that has been agreed upon, save the document and print.

Once the employee accepts the terms by signing the letter (and keeping a signed copy) it becomes the employment contract, subject to the terms of the Award (if there is one) and the Fair Work Act 2009.

If you are looking for an agreement that modifies the application of a modern award or enterprise agreement see our Individual Flexibility Agreement

Benefits of Full time Emplyment agreement template kit

This agreement includes the following provisions-


Sample excerpt of Full Time Employment Contract Template

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Your ready-to-use kit includes everything you need

Our fully secured ecommerce system allows you to purchase and download your Full Time Employment Agreement safely. In just a few moments you can have everything you need to protect the interests of all the parties involved.

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