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New Employee Onboarding Documents Template $9.95

New Employee Onboarding Documents Template

Starting a new job can be like travelling to a foreign land. You must get used to a new culture and rules and work out the way things are done.

Employers can make their workplace less strange by supplying a Welcome Pack or Onboarding documents. This information lessens the mystery of the new workplace and helps your new employee acclimatise more quickly. This means they can feel more relaxed and do their job more effectively sooner.

Utilising an effective onboarding system saves you (or your administration support) time. It protects you against forgetting to tell your new employee something important. And it helps you avoid misunderstandings, confusion and conflict over miscommunication information. This may be especially sensitive in the financial spheres.

Another great benefit is you have all the pertinent information about your employee in one place which can save time and hassle later when you need to recall certain details for other purposes. For example, for group certificates or references or if your computer crashes.

This New Employee Onboarding Document Template gives you an easy to use system for recording the following information. You can complete it and save it to your computer and print a hard copy for safekeeping.

  • Home/Postal Address Details
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Bank Details
  • Tax File declaration
  • Superannuation Choice Form
  • Medical/health questionnaire (if appropriate or required by legal standards)
  • Any information the new employee thinks is important to share

This Pack is included in any of our employment agreements or you can purchase it outright for $9.95


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