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Rental Agreement WA, Western Australia

The key to managing a rental property is to make sure you get the paperwork right. When you do this you can ensure each party understands their obligations, minimising your liability and protecting your investment.

This Western Australian Tenancy Agreement Kit has been drafted by legal professionals to comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2011. It includes recent amendments that come into force as of the 1st July 2013.

Download Immediately - Use Again and Again

The agreement template is available for immediate download as a word document. All you need to do is enter the appropriate information in the fields provided, save the agreement and print.

You can use the original template as many times as you like which means it pays for itself very quickly.

When to use this Agreement

You can use this tenancy kit whenever an Owner, in exchange for rent, grants another person a right of occupation of premises that constitutes or is intended to constitute a place of residence.

This Rental Agreement covers the following issues -

  • The Parties
  • Term of the Agreement
  • Premises
  • Maximum Number of Tenants
  • Rent
  • Security Bond
  • Water Services and Costs
  • Permission to Contact Water Service Provider
  • Electricity, Gas and Other Utilities
  • Strata By Laws
  • Pets
  • Right of Tenant to Assign or Sublet
  • Right of Tenant to Affix and Remove Fixtures
  • Property Condition Reports
  • Right to Occupy Premises
  • Rent
  • Payment of Council Rates, Land Tax, Water and Other charges
  • Public Utility Services
  • Possession of the Premises
  • Tenant's Right to Quiet Enjoyment
  • Use of the Premises by Tenant
  • Lessor's General Obligations for Residential Premises
  • Urgent Repairs
  • Lessors Access to the Premises
  • Reasonable time
  • Requirement ot Negotiate aDay and Time for a Proposed Entry by the LEssor
  • Requirement to give Tenant Notice or Proposed Entry
  • Tenant Entitled to be Present
  • Entry must be Reasonable and no Longer than Necessary
  • Lessors Obligation to Compensate Tenant if Damage to Tenant's Goods
  • Alterations and Additions to the Premises
  • Locks and Security Devices
  • Contracting Out
  • Ending the Agreement
  • Security Databases
  • Disputes
  • Additional Terms
  • Sale of the Premises
  • Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Insurance
  • False and Misleading Information


Sample Document Exerpt - Click to Enlarge

Click Through for Enlarged Sample of WA Residential Tenancy Lease 1Click Through for an Enlarged Sample of This WA Residential Tenancy Lease 2Click Through for Enlarged Sample of This WA Residential Tenancy Lease 3

We offer you two Agreement Kit options

The WA Basic Tenancy Agreement Kit supplies the documents you need to begin the tenancy.

The Premium Residential Tenancy Kit provides the documents and forms to take care of your tenancy on an ongoing basis.

Inevitably issues will crop up and the Act is clear, in its direction, that communications with the tenant must adhere to prescribed formats.

Save yourself the time and hassle of searching for the correct forms later by upgrading to the Premium Kit now.

  Basic Premium
WA Residential Tenancy Agreement Tick Tick
Condition Report Tick Tick
Tenancy Application Form Tick Tick
Friendly Customer Support Tick Tick
Training Video Tick Tick
Access to Landlords Resources
Consent to Structural Alteration Form
Landlords Consent to Assign Lease Form
Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form   Tick
Late Rent (3) - First, Second and Final Notices   Tick
Notice to Increase Rent   Tick
Notice as to Disposal of Goods   Tick
Notice of Intended Inspection   Tick
Notice to Remedy Breach of Lease   Tick
Payment Plan Overdue Rent   Tick
Pet Agreement
Receipt and Key Agreement   Tick
Tenant's Request for Maintenance   Tick
Termination Notice for Failure to Pay Rent where Prior Notice was Given   Tick
Termination Notice for Reason other than Non Payment of Rent   Tick
Termination Notice for Failure to Pay Rent where no Notice Given   Tick
Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets   Tick



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