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Keep accurate Investment Property records and Stay off the ATO's radar

Rent Manager is an Australian accounting program designed specifically for keeping track of your property investments.

It's intuitive, easy to use and gives you a summary of where you stand fiscally at all times - see image below.

Rental Manager Summary Page

Rent Manager records your rental receipts, payments or expenses, your Agents Summary and more. It even calculates your depreciation on furniture and fittings and tracks your loans.

There is no need to worry about Capital Gains Tax because Rent Manager will keep all the records you need about the purchase and disposal of your properties.

Rent Manager also analyses potential investment properties to help you not only make tax time simple, but also increase your wealth.

Features and Benefits

  • Specifically designed for Australian Property Investors using Australian accounting and taxation regulations.
  • Peace of Mind - Should you ever be audited you know that all your property records are in one place.
  • Accurately and automatically calculates:
    • Depreciation of furniture & fittings,
    • Tax deductible Building Allowances,
    • The portion of Borrowing Costs you can claim as a tax deduction,
  • Capture car expenses for your annual tax return
  • Prints reports - hard copy or pdf or excel to give to your accountant or investment advisor.
  • Records your Purchase Details so that all your information is easy to find when you sell the property and need to calculate capital gains,
  • Evaluates the attractiveness of potential investments with the Property Analysis Module.

Rent Manager CD-Rom Specs.

Rent Manager is designed for Windows XP with service pack 3 or higher, Vista and Windows 7. The program will work on computers that have these specifications although older computers may be slower. You will need at least 20Mb of hard disk space on your computer for your Program, Tutorial and Data files.


The suggested retail price of Rent Manager is $149 including GST.

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