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Real Estate, Things and Leasing Contracts

Choose from our wide range of Real Estate and Leasing Contracts and Resources.

Commercial Property Leasing ContractsCommercial Property and Leasing

You can cut your legal costs dramatically by using these professionally drafted commercial lease agreement templates. Suitable for commercial property in all Australian states.

Residential Property ContractsResidential Property and Leasing

The well-drafted tenancy agreement is the primary tool for protecting your residential investment property. We offer tenancy agreements for all states in Australia as well as forms to help you manage the tenancy and commuincate with your tenant.

Retail Shops Property AgreementRetail Property and Leasing

If you're renting out a Retail premises, you know that you need to comply with Retail Leasing legislation in your state. Our kits help you to follow the right procedures in setting up and managing the tenancy so you have peace of mind. We have kits for retail shops in all Australian States.

Rural property and LeasingRural Property and Land Leasing

Renting agricultural land is a win/win for both parties. Our leasing templates will help you document the arrangement so that both parties understand their obligations and feel secure in the transaction. Choose from Land Lease, livestock agistement or horse agistment agreements.

Vehicles and thingsRental Contracts for Vehicles and Things

Do you have equipment or vehicles from which you'd like to earn an income? Our rental and lease templates will help you document the arrangement so you can maximise the opportunity and minimise the risk. Choose from Car, Truck, Camper trailer or Equipment rental.