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What's in the Property Investors Pack?

Each pack is state based and includes the documents relevant to that state.

To give you an idea - let's take a look at the Pack for New South Wales

Commercial Templates

Commercial Property Lease NSW

Users guide – Commercial Lease NSW

Inspection Report



Varous Documents

Agreement to Lease

Commercial Tenancy Application form

Variation of a Lease

Contract preparation hints and tips.

Notice of Exercise of Option to Lease

Share house License

Shared Office License

Storage Space License




Assignment of Option to Purchase

Notice of Exercise of Option to Lease

Real Estate Option Agreement plus Users Guide



Retail Templates

Retail Lease document

Retail Lease Users Guide

Retail Lease Disclosure Statements

Retail Tenants Guide

Section 16 certificate

Schedule 1 Retail Leases Act



Residential Premium Tenancy Kit

NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement

Condition Report

Tenancy Application Form

Consent to Structural Alteration Form

Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form

Landlords Consent Transfer Lease Form

Late Rent (3) - First, Second and Final Notices

New Tenant Checklist

Notice to Increase Rent

Notice as to Disposal of Goods

Notice of Intended Inspection

Notice of Intention to Sell

Payment Plan

Pet Agreement

Receipt and Key Agreement

Rent Receipt Spreadsheet

Tenant's Request for Maintenance

Termination Notice Breach of Agreement

Termination Notice for End of Fixed Term

Termination Notice for Periodic Tenancy

Termination Notice Non Payment of Rent

Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets




Land Lease

How to register a Landlease




Assignment of lease


Landlords consent to sublease commercial premises

Landlords consent to assignment of lease commercial premises

Notes about assignments and subletting




Total Value



Real Estate Mega Bundle

How do I purchase?

Our purchasing system is quick, easy and secure.

Simply click on the state you need and you’ll move through our fully secured payment system. Once approved, the kit will be available for instant download.

Map of Australia Commercial Lease Agreement Queensland Commercial Lease Agreement New South Wales Commercial Lease Agreement Victoria Commercial Lease Agreement Tasmania Commercial Lease Agreement Northern Territory Commercial Lease Agreement South Australia Commercial Lease Agreement Western Australia Commercial Property Lease ACT

Or click ACT, NSW, NT, QLD, SA, TAS, VIC, WA

Save to your computer, USB, or cloud and you’ll be on your way to time and cost efficient self-property management; all for the low cost of $299.




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