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This Kit is under review

Residential Tenancy Agreement Kit - Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

This Kit is under Review and Unavailable for Purchase

Savvy property investors are always looking to maximise their return on investment. Managing your own rental property allows you to decrease your exprenses and is a straighfoward process when you have access to the correct paperwork.

The most important document is the Rental Agreement. By setting out the conditions of the leasing arrangement, both parties understand their obligations. This reduces misunderstandings and paves the way for a more harmonious ongoing relationship.

By putting a legally compliant agreement in place, you as the Landlord, can ensure you are adhering to rental legislation, shielding yourself from potential liabitlity.

This ACT Rental Agreement has been professionally drafted to comply with the ACT Residential Tenancies Act of 1997.

Use this agreement whenever you wish to lease a residential premises (house, unit, townhouse etc) to one or more people in exchange for money (rent).

Easy to Use Template

The document comes to you as a Word doc template. All you need to do is open it, insert your data in the required fields and then go to Print. The pack contains complete instructions and you can use the template as many times as your wish.

Benefits of Residential Tenancy ACT agreement template kit

The following Provisions are included-

Provisions included in NSW Tenancy Agreement

Sample Document Excerpt

Note: The purchased documents do NOT contain watermarks.

Residential tenancy agreement act sample

act rental agreement sample

Sample 3 Residential Tenancy Agreement ACT

Choose from the Basic or Premium Option -

Your ACT Basic Residential Tenancy Agreement provides you with the basic documents you need to get your tenancy under way eg the Tenancy Agreement, Inspections reports and Tenancy Application Form.

By choosing the Premium Residential Tenancy Kit you'll acquire the documents and forms needed to manage your tenancy on an ongoing basis - see the list below.

Inevitably issues with your tenant will arise but that doesn't mean that they can't be handled efficiently. The Residential Tenancies Act 1997 is clear, in its direction, that communications with the tenant must adhere to prescribed formats. By having access to the correct document to nip a problem in the bud, you will reduce potential headaches and stress.

Save yourself the time and hassle of searching for the correct forms later by upgrading to the Premium Kit now.


  Basic Premium
ACT Residential Tenancy Agreement Tick Tick
Condition Report Tick Tick
Tenancy Application Form Tick Tick
Friendly Customer Support Tick Tick
Access to Landlords Resources
Consent to Structural Alteration Form
Landlords Consent to Sublet Premises Form   Tick
Landlords Consent Transfer Lease Form   Tick
Late Rent Reminder - First and Second Notice   Tick
Notice to Increase Rent
Notice as to Disposal of Goods   Tick
Notice of Intented Inspection Prospective Tenant or Purchaser   Tick
Notice of Intention Inspection Regarding Repairs   Tick
Notice of Intended Routine Inspection   Tick
Notice to Remedy Breach of Agreement   Tick
Notice to Remedy Unpaid Rent   Tick
Notice to Vacate - Breach Capable of Remedy   Tick
Notice to Vacate - Breach not Capable of Remedy   Tick
Notice to Vacate Periodic Tenancy for Sale or Renovations   Tick
Notice to Vacate Unpaid Rent   Tick
Notice to Vacate without Cause   Tick
Payment Plan   Tick
Pet Agreement
Receipt and Key Agreement   Tick
Rent Receipt Book (Spreadsheet)   Tick
Tenant's Request for Maintenance   Tick
Warning to Remove Unauthorised Pets   Tick





This document kit is available for immediate download after purchase through our secure online payment system. Simply choose which option suits you and be on your way to increasing the return on your investment in just a few minutes.

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