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Management Services Agreement $149

Management Services Agreement

A management services agreement sets out the relationship between an organisation and an independent contractor appointed to perform the managerial functions of a business, in exchange for a management fee.

This simple strategy has a number of advantages. It

  1. allows the business to separate day to day business activities from the administrative or management activities.
  2. allows the business  to quarantine some of the risks  away from the business owners that may arise in  day-to-day operations, and in doing so doing becomes a practical risk management tool.
  3. may benefit the business to have specialist staff employed by a separate company.

This professionally drafted, easy to use Management Services Agreement is available for immediate download. The document comes to you as a Microsoft Word template that can be used as often as you like. Simply insert the correct information in the appropriate field and tab to the next. Now print your professional agreement!

Benefits of Management Services agreement template kit

The agreement with easy to follow instructions includes the following provisions:-

  • The Parties
  • Background
  • Definitions and Interpretation
  • Scope of the Services
  • Term
  • Option to Renew
  • Payment
  • Expenses
  • Confidentiality
  • Other Contracts and Arrangements
  • Intellectual Property
  • Risk and Liability
  • GST
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Relationship /Independent contractor
  • Termination
  • Assignment
  • Governing law
  • General

Sample Excerpts from the Management Services Agreement

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Management Service Agreement Sample

Management Services Sample 2

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