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About Contracts

General Business


Family and Personal Affairs




About Contracts

Put it in writing

The Parties

What is Consideration?

General Business

Difference between an Agent and a Distributor

Don't Litigate Mediate

How does the PPSR affect you?

How to complete a Statutory Declaration

Impact of the PPS Act on Small Business

Types of PPS (Personal Property and Securities) Transactions

Using online legal services

What you need to know about loans and the PPSA or Personal Property and Securities Act

When does the PPSA (Personal Property and Securities Act) Apply?

When to Use Agency & Distribution Agreements?

Why Every business should use Shareholder Agreements

Why should you use a Website Terms and Conditions (includes Free Terms and Conditions)

Why should you use a Privacy Policy (includes Free Privacy Policy)


Consultancy Agreements Why we need them

Correct procedure for dismissing employees for Social Media misconduct

Do you know how to keep proper employee records and payslips?

Do you know the difference between Casual and Part time employees?

Employee or Contractor - What's the difference?

Employers Warned - take Sexual Harassment seriously

Guide to Employing Christmas Casuals

Guide for Terminating Employees

How to write an employee reference letter

Social Media and Employment - Court Cases

Streamline the employment process by using Employment Contracts

Managing annual shutdowns

When can a Small Business legally dismiss an employee?

Why use Individual Flexibility Employment Agreements

Family and Personal

Advanced Health Care Directive

Binding Financial Agreements

Contesting a Will under Family Provision Application

Defacto, Cohabitation, Prenuptial Agreements

Legal Review Package Infographic

Estate Planning and Financial Agreements

Family Counselling and Mediation Services

How to handle Property Settlement after Separation

How to prevent someone contesting a Will

How to talk about a Cohabitation Agreement

How to transfer property after separation

I made a Will during marriage - now we are divorced, is it still valid?

Including Spousal Maintenace in a Financial Agreement

Kozak v Matthews - when a de facto partner contests a Will

Power of Attorney

Prenups - Just sign on the dotted line

Property Settlement - 26 years on

Relationship Breakdown,Separation and Capital Gains Tax

Same Gender - living together and the law

Same gender Cohabitation Agreements

Same Sex Custody case decided in favour of children

Sexually Transmitted Debt Part 1

Sexually Transmitted Debt Part 2

What to include and issues to consider when documenting a loan agreement



Breaking a Commercial Lease Agreement

Changes to NSW Swimming Pool legislation

Commercial Retail Tenancy Leasing Laws

Commercial Sublease Agreements

Difference between a lease and licence

Difference between assigning lease and subleasing

How to manage Outgoings in Commercial and Retail leases

How to set up Rent Increase Clauses in a lease

Infographic - Expenses you can claim for your Commercial Rental Property

Leasing commercial and retail property? do you need a guarantor?

Novated Lease

Permitted Use Clauses in Retail and Commercial Leases

Pros and cons of subleasing a premises

Quick Guide to Outgoings in Retail Leases by State Legislation

Short term retail leases

Six bottom line issues to consider with commercial leases

Strata Living Guide NSW - Updated March 2013

Tenants in Common Agreement

Western Australia Residential Tenancy Act Amendments 2013

Why should you register a Commercial Property Lease


Advantages & Disadvantages of Joint Ventures

Business Partnerships

Starting a business with Multiple Owners


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