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Where to store your Will so your loved ones can find it

So, you’re organised, you’re diligent - you make a Will and have all your affairs nicely in order.  Tick, tick and tick.

But all this comes to nothing if your loved ones don’t know where you have stored your Will.

It seems like a trivial detail, but the fact is that sometimes family is unable to locate the Will of their loved ones, and this can be an extremely distressing situation.

In such circumstances, family members might assume that you don’t have a Will in place, in which case your estate will be divided according to the intestacy laws of the relevant state and not in accordance with your specific wishes.

So, where do you place your Will so that it can be easily located by loved ones when it’s needed?

One option is with one of the many Will Banks or storage facilities located around the country.  A Will Bank offers you a safe and secure place store your Will where your family can access it readily when needed.

Alternatively you can store your Will with your Solicitor or in a bank safe deposit box or any other secure location.

Importantly - it is always wise to tell someone you trust of the whereabouts of your Will.

Here are links to the relevant storage facilities by state:-

WA Will Bank

Queensland Public Trustee

NSW Will Safe, Trustee and Guardian

NT Public Trustee

Victorian Trustees Victorian Will Bank

ACT Public Trustee

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