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Transferring property in Victoria (VIC)

1 Download and complete the Transfer Form T1 from Lands Victoria.

2 Download and complete the Office of Revenue Notice of Acquisition Form

3 Send the completed Transfer Form T1 and Office of Revenue Notice of Acquisition Form to the Revenue Office (OSR) to be noted for stamp duty. 

If you are seeking an exemption of duty, for example, for a transfer being made pursuant to a binding Financial Agreement or for transfer of the matrimonial home, you may need to complete an exemption form and provide a copy of supporting documentation, such as your Financial Agreement or marriage certificate.

4Lodge the following documents at the Lands Victoria once the stamped Transfer Form and Notice of Acquisition have been returned to you from the Revenue Office:-

  • T1 Transfer Form;
  • Certificate of Title;
  • Office of Revenue Notice of Acquisition;
  • Fee;
  • Discharge of Mortgage (if applicable).

More Information

For more information about application forms, fees and requirements of Land Victoria, click here or telephone 136 186

For more information about application forms, fees and requirements of Revenue Office, click here or telephone 13 21 61

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* This information is subject to change and is for your general information only.  It is not to be constituted as legal advice.  We cannot take any responsibility in regard to any transaction made. 

For more detailed information, contact the Land Titles Office or Office of State Revenue in your state directly about their requirements, forms and fees when transferring land.

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