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Are you paying your employees correctly?

The rate at which you must pay your employees is set out in your employee’s relevant Award. 

But did you know that these rates of pay increase on a regular basis? 

Proper employee payslips
Award rates increase on a regular basis. You need to be aware of these increases so you can pay your employees correctly .

As such, it is important that you regularly review your employees Award and keep up to date with any changes. 

Particularly, be sure to check for an updated pay rate on 1 July each year.

Modern Awards were introduced in Australia in 2010.  Some of these new Modern Awards have transitional arrangements in place, increasing the rate of pay over a period of 4 years.  The Modern Award rates will be fully implemented from 1 July 2014, which also affects loadings, holiday rates, and other penalty rates.

Fair Work Office targets employers to ensure compliance

The Fair Work Office conducts targeted campaigns to ensure that employers are complying with their duties to their staff. 

Employers who have been found to have underpaid staff will be ordered to back pay the amounts due, and may be made to pay hefty penalties. See this recent case.

The campaigns are sometimes targeted at industries known to employ young, or other vulnerable classes of workers, such as non-english speaking overseas workers.

The Fair Work Office will also conduct an audit of an employer in response to a complaint, or feedback received from an industry association, government minister or other source.

Tools and resources to help you pay employees

Ignorance is no defence when it comes to underpaying your staff.

The Fair Work website provides a host of online tools and resources aimed at helping Australian businesses comply with their responsibilities to staff.

PayCheck Plus - Allows you to calculate pay, overtime and penalty rates that apply to your staff.

Pay rate updates - You can subscribe to Pay Rate Update Alerts which will notify you of updates to your relevant Modern Awards.

Pay rates calculator - The calculator tool helps you to determine the base pay and penalty rate that applies to employees under a Modern Award.

Pay and Conditions Guides - A summary of rates and entitlement under a Modern Award.

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