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NSW Rental Properties - Window and Balcony Safety

The tenancy regulations have been changed to prevent children falling from windows and balconies.

The changes include:

  • strata schemes with residential lots must install safety devices to all windows which present a risk to children
  • individual strata owners are now allowed to install window safety devices regardless of their scheme‚Äôs by-laws
  • as of 1st March 2014, the prescribed Condition report for residential tenancies must now include "/window safety devices" after "windows/screens" wherever occurring. Our Tenancy Agreement Kit includes the up-to-date version.

Which windows should have a safety device installed?

All windows above ground level which can be opened and are accessible to children from inside the building should have safety devices installed. You can view the details in the legislation but as a quick guide you can check if your windows need the safety devices installed by taking two simple measurements.

  1. the lowest part of the window is less than 1.7m above the floor; and
  2. the internal floor under the window is 2m or more above the outside surface.
Window safety diagram
Follow this diagram to determine if your windows need safety devices installed. Thank you to the Dept of Fair Trading for this image.

The safety devices must be:

  • able to limit the maximum window opening to 12.5cm,
  • robust, and
  • childproof.

Suitable window safety devices include window locks or safety screens, but not ordinary insect screens.

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