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RP Emery & Associates ~ Legal Publishers Since 1990

RP Emery & Associates are an internet based legal publishing service. Since 1990 we have provided the business community and individuals with professionally drafted, ready-made single contract templates and contract template kits.

Our Mission is to de-mystify the law, empower the individual and revolutionise the way people access legal products and services. Using technology we make legal solutions simpler, affordable and user friendly.

This is our story...

Back in the late 80's a young entrepreneur found himself between a rock and a hard place.

David was embarking on a new business venture and he needed a particular legal contract... BUT his funds were low.

Engaging a lawyer for this task just didn't seem to be worth the cost because the contract he needed was almost identical to one he had paid for before and used on several occasions.

Being a can do kind of guy, David set about amending the contract on his recently purchased computer (very high tech back then and you could save a copy of your work on this newfangled word processor) CHANGING THE relevant details he needed to change like the names and dates etc.

It turns out David had made what is known in legal speak as a precedent. Not bad for a guy with no legal training and he had just saved himself many hundreds of dollars in legal fees into the bargain.

great ideaHe was very satisfied with his ingenuity. As he thought more about it, he realised that if he was having this need then surely there were other business owners having the same issues.

There were many types of agreements that a business owner might need to cover day to day transactions.

Then David discovered the law library at his local university - it contained books of common contracts. He also partnered up with one of the law professors and together they put together a collection of 25 legal contract templates that they started promoting through direct mail.

Soon he was shipping floppy discs filled with contract templates all over Australia and RP Emery and Associates was born.

Fast forward 20 years  and the business has continued to grow. Whilst David has moved on, RP Emery has embraced the Internet and offers a huge library of contract templates drafted by lawyers to the general public and legal professionals alike.

Whether you’re looking for contracts for general business, employment, real  estate, leasing or financial agreements. RP Emery offers you a cost effective legal solution that you can access from the comfort of your own home or office any time of the day or night.

So next time you need a legal contract – visit rpemery.com.au – we’re open 24/7 – no appointment necessary.

Take the time to see the wide range of contracts and forms that we offer or contact us here.


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